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The August 2009 calendars are now available:

They will be accessible for this month, and then will be deleted to make room for the new month's calendars.

If you'd like to see the images without the calendar, check out the Wallpapers Page.
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Yep, it's another graphics dump. Some of these were made a while ago and I forgot about them. My bad. As such, there's not a whole lot of rhyme or reason. I'm random like that.

LJ Icons
PSP Tutorials
PSP Textures
PSP Brushes

LJ Icons:
[01] The Bangles
[01] Nature
[02] The Mummy
[04] Andromeda
[04] Harry Potter
[05] Disney
[05] Rome

here be the icons )

PSP Textures:
Only the previews are available here. To download the .psp version, visit their page
The ones of these that are sized 100x100 might make decent LJ Icons...
here be the textures )

PSP Brushes:
Like the PSP Textures, only the previews are available here. To download the brushes, visit their page
here be the brushes )

PSP Tutorial:
It's for PSP 9, and can be seen here

[02] Miscellaneous
here be the backgrounds )
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These are the calendars for May 2007. They are all sized 800x600, and are PNGs. If you'd like a different size or format, comment on this post.

I'm also accepting suggestions for the June 2007 Calendars (fandoms, artists, paintings, topics, etc.)

Click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

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8 new Wallpapers and 27 new LJ Icons have been uploaded to the 'Realm. They are all available below beneath the cuts.

If you'd like any of the Wallpapers in a different size or file format (all of the links here lead to the PNGs), comment this post or visit their page in the 'Realm for the JPGs and PNGs. The LJ Icons below are also all PNGs. The GIF versions are available at the 'Realm's LJ Icons page.

[1] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[1] Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
[3] Star Wars
[3] Fine Art
The Wallpapers Are Here )

LJ Icons:
[1] Fine Art
[1] Highlander (Methos)
[1] Ryan Gosling
[1] The Bangles
[1] Spiderman (Harry Osbourne)
[1] Firefly (Inara)
[1] Josie and the Pussycats
[1] Jack of All Trades (Napoleon)
[2] A Life Less Ordinary
[2] Monty Python and the Holy Grail
[2] Incects
[2] The Sentinel
[3] Star Wars
[3] Supernatural
[5] Coats of Arms
...And the LJ Icons Are Here )

Comments are shiny!
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I've made and posted 30 new LJ Icons. All are available in both PNG and GIF format over at the 'Realm. The PNG format versions are available below the cut. All of the Andromeda LJ Icons are in the same style, as I seem to have gotten caught away playing with a new script for PSP 9 I discovered.

[25] Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
[4] Fashion
[1] Seasonal


30 new icons here )
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I'm on an Andromeda kick today, and I don't quite know why. Oh well, it's all good.

I've made an Andromeda Colour Bar, Mood Theme, and 35 LJ Icons to match the Mood Theme.

Mood Theme:

Right-Click on one of the pictures and choose "Save As" to save the Mood Theme (and instructions) to your computer.

LJ Icons:

More of them exist beneath this cut )

If you like/take, please comment!
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Andromeda is Inter-Galactic Planetary Love

Andromeda is Inter-Galactic Planetary Love

As always, if you like/use, please comment!
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There's lots of newness to be found at the 'Realm, especially for those of you not on my Friends List.

Firstly, 10 new icons were posted today, 3 from A Life Less Ordinary and 7 from Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. They are available below as GIFs. If you'd like to see (most of) them as PNGs you'll have to visit the LJ Icons Page.

New Icons )

Second, I'm going to make my SGA Music Mix public today; it's been Friends Only for the past week or so. The post that contains it is here.

Third, I've created a new Mood Theme. It's based on Nicola Heindl's fantastic art for the covers of the albums put out by Putumayo World Music. It's the mood theme I'm currently using for this blog (I like it, but we'll just have to see how long it lasts). Which brings me to my next announcement...

...I bought a paid account here at LiveJournal. My one at DiaryLand expires in four days, and since I'm not really using any of the paid features over there, I thought I might put the money to use over here.
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I didn't have quite as much time today as I thought (and I got distracted by the new episode of Stargate: Atlantis), so I only have 18 new LJ Icons for y'all today. Highlander screen caps are quite hard to find, it seems. I would just make caps of my own, but I don't own the DVDs (bad Caroline!), and the VHS versions I taped off the TV are crap.

New Icons:
[4] Time Bandits
[6] Highlander the Series
[8] Andromeda

Get your new Icons here! )

I'll be subbing on Thursday and Friday (and new Stargates Friday night), so I may not make another update until the weekend. I'll still be around, but I won't have very much time for creating. Just so's y'all know.
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Tee hee! I can't check my email at the moment, as Yahoo! and my server seem to be, um, not working. I made icons to pass the time. 27 new ones, to be exact: 1 Fairy, 4 Angels, 2 Yellow Ribbons, 2 Missouri, 3 Greece, and 15 Andromeda. If you like the Andromeda ones I'm planning on making some Stargate ones just like them later this week.

And there is one new background. It's Stargate-related, taken from a picture of the inside of Apophis' Cheops class warship. I actually made it a long time ago, but didn't ever get around to posting it.

New Things )
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Sorry about the Wizard of Oz reference, but I couldn't help myself...

The longest day ever is over, and boy have I got some updates for you! To start off, there are 32 new LJ Icons available for y'all. Well, 16 if you're on my friends/email list. The index page for that section has been re-worked a bit to make things easier to find (I hope). There may be a few new icons added this evening if I feel inspired after work.

Click me to see the new icons )

I've posted November's six wallpaper calendar offerings as well, three in fandoms, and three fine art. If you'd like me to offer one of October's calendars for November, please send me an email.

New Calendars )

I've also made some minor tweeks here and there, mostly to announce that unless you're on LJ or my special servers list you can't direct-link to any of my images anymore.

I started several projects yesterday while I watched my daycare kids nap, mostly involving mythology and the like. We'll have to see what happens with those.

Oh! And I found some scanned postcards and pictures on my old computer while I was on it on Sunday night, so I'm going to try and add some more wallpapers in the next few days.


Jul. 21st, 2005 11:26 am
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Despite getting my wisdom teeth out yesterday I made a few updates to the Realm:

The Rome Page has seen updates to the Deities, Festivals, and Festivals Information Pages.

The Live Journal Icons page has some new Andromeda and Firefly icons.

There are also a few new DiaryLand Sets.

The Deities Page also has some new and tweeked information.

That's it for now, though there may be some additional updates made tonight. It all kinda depends on how I feel later.


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