Sep. 4th, 2007 06:43 pm
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I can't believe it's been over a month since I made a public graphics post (other than the calendars)! Sorry about that! I've been really busy preparing for school, and haven't really had much computer time in the past month. But teacher training is over, and school officially started today. Not that things are likely to calm down--they will in fact most likely calm up. So what do I have for y'all today?: 5 Wallpapers, 2 Backgrounds, 1 Header, and 14 LJ Icons.

[01] Jack of All Trades
[01] Xena: Warrior Princess
[03] Lord of the Rings
wallpapers )

backgrounds )

[01] 1776
header )

LJ Icons:
[01] Rome
[06] Robin Hood: Men in Tights (only two of these are new to my flist)
[07] Down With Love
lj icons )

I don't think another graphics post is very likely to happen before next week, as I'll be at the Scottish Highlands Festival in Estes Park this weekend dressed as a Roman (the Legion will be up there, and I will be joining them).

Comments are shiny! :D

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] muses_creations.
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Yep, it's another graphics dump. Some of these were made a while ago and I forgot about them. My bad. As such, there's not a whole lot of rhyme or reason. I'm random like that.

LJ Icons
PSP Tutorials
PSP Textures
PSP Brushes

LJ Icons:
[01] The Bangles
[01] Nature
[02] The Mummy
[04] Andromeda
[04] Harry Potter
[05] Disney
[05] Rome

here be the icons )

PSP Textures:
Only the previews are available here. To download the .psp version, visit their page
The ones of these that are sized 100x100 might make decent LJ Icons...
here be the textures )

PSP Brushes:
Like the PSP Textures, only the previews are available here. To download the brushes, visit their page
here be the brushes )

PSP Tutorial:
It's for PSP 9, and can be seen here

[02] Miscellaneous
here be the backgrounds )
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Yet another graphics dump by yours truly. It's a very mixed bag. Some people go for a walk when they need to think; I make graphics: [39] LJ Icons of various flavours, [05] Wallpapers, [02] Headers, [01] Background.

Enjoy! And if you have any suggestions, comments, or graphics wishes I'd love to hear them!

LJ Icons:
[01] Ancient Egypt
[01] Music
[02] Life of Brian
[02] Astronomy
[03] Pirates of the Caribbean
[04] Tile Designs
[05] Fine Art
[06] Jack of All Trades
[15] Lord of the Rings
here be the icons )

[01] Josie and the Pussycats
[02] Harry Potter
[02] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
here be the wallpapers )

[01] Pirates of the Caribbean
[01] Fine Art
here be the headers )

[01] Music


Feb. 18th, 2007 01:56 pm
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I'm still working on The Tick moodtheme. I haven't finished capping the first season, so it's going to take me a bit more time. And musical season has begun (we're doing Guys & Dolls), so for the next two months I'm going to be pretty occupied with that (I get to play piano--meep!). Updates may become few and far between, just so you know.

As to what I do have done: 30 LJ Icons and 2 Miscellaneous Backgrounds.

LJ Icons:
[02] The Monkees
[03] Christian
[10] Josie and the Pussycats
[15] The Tick

They are hiding under this cut )
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I have 30 new LJ Icons and 1 new Textured Background for y'all today.

LJ Icons (under the cut):
[5] Miscellaneous
[6] Seasonal
[6] NaNoWriMo
[13] Fine Art



New LJ Icons Here )

That's it for the moment. I'll have the Wallpapers for December done and posted tomorrow. Anything else anyone would like to see? Comments are shiny!
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Yep, there is a lot of new stuff available from the 'Realm: 2 Friends Only Banners, 7 LJ Icons, 2 Headers, and 1 Background in 4 fandomw (Buffy, Xena, Little Mermaid, and Princess Bride). You'll notice that the Banners and Headers match. I planned it that way in the hopes of one day creating an LJ template or two (or maybe a DiaryLand template). Comments will encourage me to make this happen sooner. ;-)

Because there is so much, it is hiding behind a cut:

and here that cut is )
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There are 4 new Webpage Backgrounds available at the 'Realm. They are previewed for you below. If you like them, feel free to right-click and choose "Save Image As" to save and use.


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Lots of random new things this week:
-3 Music Lesson Plans
-1 PSP LJ Icon Border
-1 Background
-16 LJ Icons - some have png versions available at The 'Realm
and some tweeks here and there

Music Lesson Plans:
The Spooky Old Tree
Lummi (Lomi) Sticks
Peter and the Wolf.

PSP LJ Icon Border:


LJ Icons:
[1] Little Mermaid
[2] Stargate: Atlantis
[3] Old Houses
[5] Birthday
[5] Quotes from Kenneth Clark's Civilisation
LJ Icons )

That's it for this weekend. I get three days off from The Classical School next week (Thursday, Friday, and Monday of the week after), so my mornings will be free again (I still have to work at the daycare). I'm going to watch Monty Python's Life of Brian for Easter, and I really want to make some icons from that movie. Is there anything that anyone would like me to concentrate on?
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This may well be my last post for a while, thanks to my extra job (Yay 70+ hours a week! Yay money!), so I'm going to make it a good one. I may have some time tomorrow to make more things, but I highly doubt it. That said, I'll be able to check my email and lj at work, so keep the requests and comments coming! I'll do what I can when I can.

There are 24 new LJ Icons, 3 new Friends Only Banners, 1 New Background, and 4 new Blinkies.

LJ Icons:
[5] Medieval
[5] dueSouth - from "Pizza and Promises"
[5] Disney - from some Silly Symphony shorts
[9] Stargate Atlantis

New Iconage )

Friends Only Banners:
[1] Celtic
[2] Medieval

Friends Only Banners )



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Happy New Year!

[livejournal.com profile] leopardeternal is home safe and sound. I had to get up really frelling early to take him to the airport (I didn't mind a bit, as I like mornings), and once home again couldn't fall asleep (probably because I feel absolutely cruvas again because of the daycare kids). I made some new LJ Icons and Backgrounds to pass the time, and they've been posted to the 'Realm. They are also available below the cut.

[10] Lord of the Rings
[5] Miscellaneous Fandoms
[4] Ancient Rome
[4] Fine Art
[3] Miscellaneous

[5] Patterns

Newness This Way )

I don't think my work schedule will be as nuts this week, so I should have time for creating and updating. I'm thinking about making banners and mood themes. Not having a paid account I can't really test the latter, but I could count on a few of y'all to try them out, couldn't I?

And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] btrflyvampvixen and [livejournal.com profile] songspinner9!!!!
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I've tweeked and added quite a bit to the 'Realm today thanks to me having some time off and cleaning my room. To the Senior Humanities Page I've added a list of Traditional Christmas Ornaments. I've added a bit to the Roman Festivals Page and the Roman Deities Page. There is also one new background and 15 new LJ Icons--1 dueSouth, 3 Christian Fine Art, 5 Atlantis, 6 Fine Art / Mythology.

Background and Icons )
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Tee hee! I can't check my email at the moment, as Yahoo! and my server seem to be, um, not working. I made icons to pass the time. 27 new ones, to be exact: 1 Fairy, 4 Angels, 2 Yellow Ribbons, 2 Missouri, 3 Greece, and 15 Andromeda. If you like the Andromeda ones I'm planning on making some Stargate ones just like them later this week.

And there is one new background. It's Stargate-related, taken from a picture of the inside of Apophis' Cheops class warship. I actually made it a long time ago, but didn't ever get around to posting it.

New Things )
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There are 14 new LJ Icons and 1 new Background available. New LJ Icons are: 1 Stargate Atlantis, 2 Miscellaneous, 4 Greece, 6 Rome, and 1 Egypt. The New Background is a Textured one from a scan of a Roman mosaic.

Click Me to see the New Goodness )

I'm going to try and add some new Backgrounds and Wallpapers tomorrow. I may also make some new LJ Icons if the muses allow.


Nov. 4th, 2005 09:40 pm
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There is one new DiaryLand Template and 6 new Backgrounds available. I've also re-organized the backgrounds page and separated it into three sections since it was getting pretty long and taking awhile to load.

DiaryLand Template:


This weekend I think I'm going to concentrate on DiaryLand Templates, LJ Icons, Backgrounds, and Etruscan Deities. If you have something else you'd rather I work on, or have suggestions or requests, just click on the Comment link below and let me know.
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A few people have asked about customising backgrounds on LJ. There are some excellent tutorials available here at LJ, so I don't think I'm going to write one of my own, but I'd be more than happy to explain it to you if you want to know and don't want to search around.

Anywho, what I *have* done is added a colour suggestion page for some of my Backgrounds. You can use the colours info to customise the colours and background image of your journal.

I'll be slowly adding colour suggestions pages for my backgrounds for the next little bit, and hope to have most, if not all, of them done soon. It shouldn't take very long, as most of them come from DiaryLand sets and Webpage Sets anyway; the the information is already there and I just have to find it. If there is a background that you'd like me to add info for that I haven't yet, just let me know and I'll move it up to the top of the queue.

Oh, and if you want to use one of my backgrounds and don't have anywhere to host it, let me know and I'll put it into a directory that allows direct linkage and giveyou the addy. Just for y'all who take the time to read all of my ramblings. ;-P
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I got 3 new LJ Icons made: 1 Moulin Rouge, 1 Highlander, and 1 Princess Bride

There's also 24 new backgrounds available from the Backgrounds Page.

...and I got my Lesson Plans Page up and available, though it's not linked to by anywhere but this page. It's also nowhere near complete, and has no actual content, but it's up and posted.

I got a call a few minutes ago to sub Spanish at my old high school tomorrow morning (6am...oh joy!), so there probably won't be an update tomorow. I just won't be home all day, what with Spanish in the morning, teaching my kids in the afternoon, and piano lesson in the evening. Hasta luego...
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Sorry about the lack of updates this week. School has been keeping me busy. That said, I added a bunch of small things and did some minor tweeking here and there.

To the Humanities Page I added a list of Scottish Rulers. I still haven't finished typing up the family trees, but I will by Sunday night.

I added 1 new Background -- It's Stargate: Atlantis related!

The LJ Icons have also been updated with 6 new SGA Icons and 2 new Mummy Icons (which also now has its own section)

New Icons )

Other updated pages include the FAQ and the Creations By Topic.


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