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Jul. 12th, 2006 09:31 pm
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There are 28 new LJ Icons available at the 'Realm.

I posted them last night, but due to my being a spazz (11 hours straight spent with school age children will do that to you, lol!) I didn't let y'all know about them.

The New Icons are as follows, and are available under the cut:
[01] Miscellaneous
[02] Fine Art
[04] Celtic
[21] Old Adverts

get the new icons here )

Comment if you like/take. I'm also taking requests and challenges for things (Banners, Icons, Headers, etc.). I'll get to them this weekend. I would say I'll do them by Friday, but there are going to be new episodes of both Stargate series, and a girl has got to have priorities. ;-)
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My DSL connection keeps going down, probably because of the wind. Such is life in Northern Colorado...

I *do* have some new things for y'all today, and will probably have some more tomorrow evening as well after I get the chance to watch "The Life of Brian". That movie always inspires me!

--23 LJ Icons
--2 Friends Only Banners
--2 Blinkies
--1 Header
Everything is either Medieval, Celtic, Christian, Fine Art, or Miscellaneous. No fandoms in this update. Sorry.

Icons, FO Banners, Header, and Blinkies )

And when I finish up with subbing full-time I'm going to make my next challenge at [ profile] icons100 "1776" - General Movie.
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This may well be my last post for a while, thanks to my extra job (Yay 70+ hours a week! Yay money!), so I'm going to make it a good one. I may have some time tomorrow to make more things, but I highly doubt it. That said, I'll be able to check my email and lj at work, so keep the requests and comments coming! I'll do what I can when I can.

There are 24 new LJ Icons, 3 new Friends Only Banners, 1 New Background, and 4 new Blinkies.

LJ Icons:
[5] Medieval
[5] dueSouth - from "Pizza and Promises"
[5] Disney - from some Silly Symphony shorts
[9] Stargate Atlantis

New Iconage )

Friends Only Banners:
[1] Celtic
[2] Medieval

Friends Only Banners )



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I've added some brushes for Paint Shop Pro 9.01 to the 'Realm. They won't work for earlier versions of PSP or with PhotoShop (I don't think), but I'm working on a version that might. Email me if you're interested, as it will motivate me to speed up the process.

I'm going to put the previews behind a cut because they are big, and because not everyone cares about PSP.

Click Me for a Preview and to Download )
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25 New LJ Icons have been made and posted. I'm in a bit of a spastic mood, so there's really no rhyme nor reason to what I made.

And for those of you who don't know: LJ has upped the icon limits for all account types. Yay!!

Here's the breakdown (new icons are behind the cut):
[1] Stargate: Atlantis -- very spoilery for Critical Mass, so it's linked to behind the cut (click to view)
[1] Christmas
[1] Medieval
[1] Seasonal
[1] Josie and the Pussy Cats
[2] Rainbow Brite
[3] Old Adverts
[4] Moulin Rouge
[5] Celtic
[6] Miscellaneous

Icons! Get Your Icons Here! )
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I have 14 new LJ Icons for y'all today in all manner of different fandoms:

No Rainbow Brite ones this time around [ profile] starrhealer, though I *am* keeping my eyes out.
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I finally got all of my new clipart and such taken off of CDs and out of books and loaded into my computer. We have my new external hard drive to thank for that, as my CD burner/reader is FUBAR. Anyway, I have 21 new icons made from new clipart in three categories: Christian, Medieval, and Celtic. The Celtic Icons now have their own page, and you can find it HERE.

New Icons! )

This week is going to be another week o'Hell with me working 12+ hour days each and every day. I'll be subbing most of that at the High School level, so I won't have any naptime downtime (drat!). I'm not sure when my next update will be, but since I've already made and posted 69 new Icons this weekend, I think I'm good for a few days at least.

New Icons

Oct. 29th, 2005 05:47 pm
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I'm back (sort of) from my longest week ever. There isn't a whole lot of new things, mostly because all I've done for the past six days is shower, teach, and sleep. Eating and Potty breaks occasionally made it in as well, and not as often as I would have liked. ;-)

Anywho, there are 31 new LJ Icons for y'all: 10 old adverts, 15 Astronomy (and a new section), 3 Thanksgiving, 1 celtic, 1 anime, and 1 Star of David.

More New Icons behind me )

Next week is going to be a bit strange for me, but I shouldn't be as busy. I'm going to try and spend today and tomorrow catching up on everyone's goings on, so probably nothing new until Monday or Tuesday. But you never know--I may get something done tonight or tomorrow and get it posted...
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There are 9 new LJ Icons available: 1 Harry Potter and 8 Miscellaneous.


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