New Icons!

Dec. 8th, 2012 10:36 pm
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These are not uploaded by category over at The 'Realm. They have been sitting on my computer for over two years now (wow, has it really been that long since I uploaded icons!?), and it's way past time to share them. So here they are. Hopefully I will have them available via The 'Realm tomorrow.
[02] Miscellaneous
[03] Religious
[07] Firefly / Serenity
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Mom's gone for the weekend, so I have the house to myself for a bit and can re-connect the DSL without worrying about anyone tripping over it. Yay! We've also decided to postpone the concert scheduled for tonight to next Wednesday because of weather. I've been playing around with PSP again, and have discovered a fun new technique to make pictures look like comic book images. What does this mean for you? An update filled with graphics goodness.

[1] Christian/Alchemy
[1] Harry Potter
Wallpapers )

[1] Stargate: Atlantis
Header )

LJ Icons:
[01] Christian
[02] Moulin Rouge!
[03] A life Less Ordinary
[04] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[04] Stargate: Atlantis
[06] Harry Potter (various movies)
[06] Supernatural
[17] Lord of the Rings
LJ Icons )

The calendars for May shall be along in the next post...

LJ Icons

Apr. 1st, 2007 05:48 pm
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26 new LJ Icons from various fandoms have been added to the 'Realm. I found a fun tutorial here and went a bit nuts playing with it. Enjoy!

[1] Ewan McGregor
[1] Ryan Gosling
[1] Christian
[1] Pirates of the Caribbean
[1] Trainspotting (Renton)
[1] Highlander (Methos)
[1] The Mummy
[2] Miscellaneous
[2] Ah, My Goddess!
[2] Muppet Show (Kermit)
[2] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[3] ROME
[3] Lord of the Rings
[5] Josie and the Pussycats

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Feb. 18th, 2007 01:56 pm
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I'm still working on The Tick moodtheme. I haven't finished capping the first season, so it's going to take me a bit more time. And musical season has begun (we're doing Guys & Dolls), so for the next two months I'm going to be pretty occupied with that (I get to play piano--meep!). Updates may become few and far between, just so you know.

As to what I do have done: 30 LJ Icons and 2 Miscellaneous Backgrounds.

LJ Icons:
[02] The Monkees
[03] Christian
[10] Josie and the Pussycats
[15] The Tick

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My DSL connection keeps going down, probably because of the wind. Such is life in Northern Colorado...

I *do* have some new things for y'all today, and will probably have some more tomorrow evening as well after I get the chance to watch "The Life of Brian". That movie always inspires me!

--23 LJ Icons
--2 Friends Only Banners
--2 Blinkies
--1 Header
Everything is either Medieval, Celtic, Christian, Fine Art, or Miscellaneous. No fandoms in this update. Sorry.

Icons, FO Banners, Header, and Blinkies )

And when I finish up with subbing full-time I'm going to make my next challenge at [ profile] icons100 "1776" - General Movie.
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Seven new icons are available, and one I'm not very inspired right now, as I'm not looking forward to having 70+ hour work weeks starting (maybe) next week for the next two months. Oh well. At least I'll be making money...


dueSouth Mini-Collage Here )

This is the only place the mini-collage is linked (i.e. It's not available at the 'Realm). It would probably make a nice header for someone's journal, now that I think about it...
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I have 14 new LJ Icons for y'all today in all manner of different fandoms:

No Rainbow Brite ones this time around [ profile] starrhealer, though I *am* keeping my eyes out.
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I finally got all of my new clipart and such taken off of CDs and out of books and loaded into my computer. We have my new external hard drive to thank for that, as my CD burner/reader is FUBAR. Anyway, I have 21 new icons made from new clipart in three categories: Christian, Medieval, and Celtic. The Celtic Icons now have their own page, and you can find it HERE.

New Icons! )

This week is going to be another week o'Hell with me working 12+ hour days each and every day. I'll be subbing most of that at the High School level, so I won't have any naptime downtime (drat!). I'm not sure when my next update will be, but since I've already made and posted 69 new Icons this weekend, I think I'm good for a few days at least.
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I've tweeked and added quite a bit to the 'Realm today thanks to me having some time off and cleaning my room. To the Senior Humanities Page I've added a list of Traditional Christmas Ornaments. I've added a bit to the Roman Festivals Page and the Roman Deities Page. There is also one new background and 15 new LJ Icons--1 dueSouth, 3 Christian Fine Art, 5 Atlantis, 6 Fine Art / Mythology.

Background and Icons )
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Tee hee! I can't check my email at the moment, as Yahoo! and my server seem to be, um, not working. I made icons to pass the time. 27 new ones, to be exact: 1 Fairy, 4 Angels, 2 Yellow Ribbons, 2 Missouri, 3 Greece, and 15 Andromeda. If you like the Andromeda ones I'm planning on making some Stargate ones just like them later this week.

And there is one new background. It's Stargate-related, taken from a picture of the inside of Apophis' Cheops class warship. I actually made it a long time ago, but didn't ever get around to posting it.

New Things )
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I got December's Calendars and 30 new LJ Icons made. The Calendars won't be available until the last week in November, but the icons are available now.

New Icons: 2 Disney, 1 The Mummy, 3 Animaniacs, 1 Firefly, 4 Medieval, 18 Christian Fine Art, and 1 Harry Potter. To save loading time I've posted the new Icons behind a cut.

New Icons )


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