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Dec. 8th, 2012 10:36 pm
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These are not uploaded by category over at The 'Realm. They have been sitting on my computer for over two years now (wow, has it really been that long since I uploaded icons!?), and it's way past time to share them. So here they are. Hopefully I will have them available via The 'Realm tomorrow.
[02] Miscellaneous
[03] Religious
[07] Firefly / Serenity
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I got PSP X2 (and most of my PSP scripts) working!

Under the cut are the calendars for June 2009.

June 2009 Calendars )
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Here be the March 2008 calendars. Most of them are available without the calendar in the 'Realm. You can find them here.

calendars )
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No updates to the Rome page yet, but I do come bearing LJ Icons and Wallpapers.

LJ Icons:
[02] The Life of Brian
[03] The Tick
[03] The Adventures of Sinbad
[05] Firefly / Serenity
[06] Highlander
[15] 1776
New LJ Icons This Way... )

[01] Rome
[02] Supernatural
[03] Fine Art
New Wallpapers This Way... )

I've divided the fandom manipulated wallpapers into four pages: Sci-Fi Fandoms, Fantasy Fandoms, Historical Fandoms, and Other Fandoms. The Fine Art Wallpapers are still all on one page, though that may change in the future as I add more wallpapers...

If I were to create a community just for graphics and such, would anyone be interested? I'd still make announcements here, of course, but that way people who are just here for the pretties could join there and skip all of the humanities and personal stuff here.
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Many, many updates this time! I've been busy, so I haven't had as much time for updating as I thought I would or as I would have liked. C'est la vie.

In the Roman section there is a new page about the Roman Calendar. The festivals page, the seven hills page, the writers page, and the terms page have had updates and tweeks done to them.

The Deities section has had some updating and tweeking, particularly in the Roman and Creatures areas. Speaking of which...I've created a community for mythological creatures in fandom. I haven't done much with it yet, but if you are interested in helping me (and [ profile] pknight) out by becoming a moderator or watching it, I'd love to have you!

And finally, the Creations section has been updated. There is a new header, a new friends only banner, new LJ icons, a new PSP tutorial, a new PSP brush, and a new PSP tube. The header, friends only banner, and one LJ icon match, btw.

[01] Xena: Warrior Princess

Friends Only Banner:
[01] Xena: Warrior Princess

LJ Icons:
[01] Phil Ochs
[01] DueSouth
[01] Firefly
[01] Stargate: Atlantis
[03] Disney
[25] Xena: Warrior Princess
Cut For Size )

PSP Tutorial:

PSP Brush:

PSP Tube:
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These are the calendars for May 2007. They are all sized 800x600, and are PNGs. If you'd like a different size or format, comment on this post.

I'm also accepting suggestions for the June 2007 Calendars (fandoms, artists, paintings, topics, etc.)

Click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

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8 new Wallpapers and 27 new LJ Icons have been uploaded to the 'Realm. They are all available below beneath the cuts.

If you'd like any of the Wallpapers in a different size or file format (all of the links here lead to the PNGs), comment this post or visit their page in the 'Realm for the JPGs and PNGs. The LJ Icons below are also all PNGs. The GIF versions are available at the 'Realm's LJ Icons page.

[1] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[1] Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
[3] Star Wars
[3] Fine Art
The Wallpapers Are Here )

LJ Icons:
[1] Fine Art
[1] Highlander (Methos)
[1] Ryan Gosling
[1] The Bangles
[1] Spiderman (Harry Osbourne)
[1] Firefly (Inara)
[1] Josie and the Pussycats
[1] Jack of All Trades (Napoleon)
[2] A Life Less Ordinary
[2] Monty Python and the Holy Grail
[2] Incects
[2] The Sentinel
[3] Star Wars
[3] Supernatural
[5] Coats of Arms
...And the LJ Icons Are Here )

Comments are shiny!
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The February 2007 have been uploaded and are now available in the 'Realm. All are sized 800x600, and are PNGs. If you'd like a different size, file format, or the image without the calendar, comment on this post or email me.

Click on a preview calendar below to see the full-size version.

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I uploaded the 8 LJ Icons and 5 Wallpapers I made before I left for my conference. It's another mixed bag of fandoms, with no real rhyme or reason behind them. The wallpapers are all 800x600 PNGs. If you want a different size or format, comment here or email me. Enjoy!

LJ Icons:
[1] Tomorrow People (New Series)
[1] Little Mermaid
[1] Beauty and the Beast
[1] Aladdin
[2] Disney's Hercules
[2] Monty Python and the Holy Grail

[1] Tomorrow People
[1] Firefly
[3] Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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I have 7 new LJ Icons and 5 new Wallpapers uploaded to the 'Realm. They're a pretty mixed bag as far as fandoms go. Details below, previews and such under the cut:

LJ Icons:
[1] Highlander
[1] Miscellaneous
[1] Firefly
[2] A Life Less Ordinary
[2] The Mummy

[1] Greece (Delphi)
[1] Firefly
[1] Disney (Sorcerer's Apprentice)
[2] Harry Potter

click on me to see the last update of 2006 )
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I'm back. Miss me?

Besides teaching lessons this morning, I've spent most of today sitting on my duff in front of the computer getting caught up on everyone's doings after being MIA for the past few days. I've also made some new goodness for y'all: 17 LJ Icons and 4 Friends Only Banners.

[6] Firefly / Serenity
[5] Pirates of the Caribbean
[4] Trainspotting
[2] Down with Love

Friends Only Banners:
[2] Trainspotting
[2] Josie and the Pussycats

Icons & Banners )

**FYI: My server seems to be wonky. *sigh* None of my images appear, so you'll have to wait a bit to see all of the newness. Sorry about that!**

**FYI 2: Everything seems to be working fine again...please do let me know if you notice something amiss.**
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I have 14 new LJ Icons for y'all today in all manner of different fandoms:

No Rainbow Brite ones this time around [ profile] starrhealer, though I *am* keeping my eyes out.
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I've been busy making some new .ico icons (the ones that you use on your computer desktop). I haven't made any in quite a while, and just felt like making some. I've also reorganized that section to make room for the newness. I now have 72 dueSouth Icons and 53 for Firefly/Serenity in addition to what was there before. The previews are below, under the cut to save loading time on Friends pages and such. Or, you can just click here and see everything.

New .ico Previews )

Use to your hearts' content (or not). There are instructions for using the icons in Windows XP in each .zip file and on the main icons page.
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28 new Icons have been added to the 'Realm, 9 or which are included in this post. The others are all Stargate SG-1, and will be along in the next post. Icon in this post are 8 Fine Art/Mythology and 1 Firefly:

I've also added a bit to the Seven Hills of Rome and the Roman Terms pages.
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I got December's Calendars and 30 new LJ Icons made. The Calendars won't be available until the last week in November, but the icons are available now.

New Icons: 2 Disney, 1 The Mummy, 3 Animaniacs, 1 Firefly, 4 Medieval, 18 Christian Fine Art, and 1 Harry Potter. To save loading time I've posted the new Icons behind a cut.

New Icons )
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There are 15 new LJ Icons available for y'all. Most of them were made using pictures I took during my trip to Greece & Spain two years ago, though there are 1 Sunflower, 2 Firefly, and 3 Highlander ones in there as well.

New Icons )

I'm still working on the lesson plans.
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Okay, so I'm mega excited to be going to see Serenity later today. I haven't made any updates to the 'Realm, but here's a list of Firefly-related creations with samples that I've made over the years that I though y'all might enjoy taking a gander at (click on the image to be taken to its page):

Blinkies <--Blinkies

Collages <--Collages

DiaryLand Templates <--DiaryLand Templates

LJ Icons <--LJ Icons

Hotbars <--Hotbars
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When you see this, quote Firefly in your LJ. I saw it in [ profile] ltlj's journal.

Jayne: Are you saying River's a witch?
Wash: Yes, Jayne, she's a witch. She's had congress with the Beast.
Jayne: She's in Congress?
Wash: How did your brain even learn human speech?

Jayne: Well, as a rule, I say girlfolk ain't to be trusted.
River: Jayne is a girl's name.
Jayne: Well, Jayne ain't a girl! If she starts in on that girl's name thing, I'll show her good and all I got man parts.
Simon: I'm trying to think of a way for you to be cruder. I just... It's not coming.

Book: What are we up to, sweetheart?
River: Fixing your Bible.
Book: I, um... what?
River: Bible's broken. Contradictions, false logics. Doesn't make sense.

[standing over his wounded opponent, refusing to kill him]
Mal: You know, they say mercy is the mark of a great man.
[stabs the man]
Mal: Guess I'm just a good man.
[stabs him again]
Mal: Well, I'm all right.

Sorry...I could go on and on like this all day...can you tell I'm excited about Serenity?
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10 new LJ Icons have been added to the 'Realm: 4 Firefly, 2 Adventures of Sinbad, and 4 Mythology/Fine Art.

New Icons )

I also got six new Desktop Calendars finished, but I'm not going to upload them for another week or so. Until that time, September's Calendars are still available.
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I'm between violin lessons at the moment, so I've only finished two LJ Icons -- 1 SGA and 1 Firefly:

If I have time to post more tonight I will, but no promises.


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