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School has been kicking my butt, but I do have some things for y'all: October Calendars (which will be along in the next post), 1 FO Banner, 2 Wallpapers, and 28 LJ Icons.

FO Banner:
[01] Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
fo banner )

[01] Lord of the Rings
[01] Xena: Warrior Princess
wallpapers )

LJ Icons:
[01] Harry Potter
[02] Lord of the Rings
[10] Fine Art
[15] Nature
lj icons )

Tomorrow I shall be making my monthly festivals post over at [ profile] religioromana.

Oh! And I tied for 2nd place over at [ profile] rome_stills in their first challenge! The winners list is here.

Comments are shiny! :D

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.
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Many, many updates this time! I've been busy, so I haven't had as much time for updating as I thought I would or as I would have liked. C'est la vie.

In the Roman section there is a new page about the Roman Calendar. The festivals page, the seven hills page, the writers page, and the terms page have had updates and tweeks done to them.

The Deities section has had some updating and tweeking, particularly in the Roman and Creatures areas. Speaking of which...I've created a community for mythological creatures in fandom. I haven't done much with it yet, but if you are interested in helping me (and [ profile] pknight) out by becoming a moderator or watching it, I'd love to have you!

And finally, the Creations section has been updated. There is a new header, a new friends only banner, new LJ icons, a new PSP tutorial, a new PSP brush, and a new PSP tube. The header, friends only banner, and one LJ icon match, btw.

[01] Xena: Warrior Princess

Friends Only Banner:
[01] Xena: Warrior Princess

LJ Icons:
[01] Phil Ochs
[01] DueSouth
[01] Firefly
[01] Stargate: Atlantis
[03] Disney
[25] Xena: Warrior Princess
Cut For Size )

PSP Tutorial:

PSP Brush:

PSP Tube:
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Yep, there is a lot of new stuff available from the 'Realm: 2 Friends Only Banners, 7 LJ Icons, 2 Headers, and 1 Background in 4 fandomw (Buffy, Xena, Little Mermaid, and Princess Bride). You'll notice that the Banners and Headers match. I planned it that way in the hopes of one day creating an LJ template or two (or maybe a DiaryLand template). Comments will encourage me to make this happen sooner. ;-)

Because there is so much, it is hiding behind a cut:

and here that cut is )
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Three Monty Python and the Holy Grail Friends Only Banners are available at the 'Realm. See them here.

I'll post the LJ Icons I have ready tomorrow. If anyone has anything they'd like to see, comment this post and I'll see what I can do...
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My DSL connection keeps going down, probably because of the wind. Such is life in Northern Colorado...

I *do* have some new things for y'all today, and will probably have some more tomorrow evening as well after I get the chance to watch "The Life of Brian". That movie always inspires me!

--23 LJ Icons
--2 Friends Only Banners
--2 Blinkies
--1 Header
Everything is either Medieval, Celtic, Christian, Fine Art, or Miscellaneous. No fandoms in this update. Sorry.

Icons, FO Banners, Header, and Blinkies )

And when I finish up with subbing full-time I'm going to make my next challenge at [ profile] icons100 "1776" - General Movie.
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Yay, weekends! I got to sleep in this morning. I'm much better rested, and have made 20 new LJ Icons and 1 Friends Only Banner. I'm thinking I will have some time to make some additional icons and friends only banners later this weekend, but I'm not sure yet. I have a lot of fan fiction that I'd like to read, and some new books that just came in from Barnes & Noble.

[1] Monty Python (quote)
[4] Fine Art
[5] Egypt
[10] Phil Ochs

Friends Only Banner:
[1] Fine Art

Icons and Banner Behind Here )

The calendars for April will be posted tomorrow.
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This may well be my last post for a while, thanks to my extra job (Yay 70+ hours a week! Yay money!), so I'm going to make it a good one. I may have some time tomorrow to make more things, but I highly doubt it. That said, I'll be able to check my email and lj at work, so keep the requests and comments coming! I'll do what I can when I can.

There are 24 new LJ Icons, 3 new Friends Only Banners, 1 New Background, and 4 new Blinkies.

LJ Icons:
[5] Medieval
[5] dueSouth - from "Pizza and Promises"
[5] Disney - from some Silly Symphony shorts
[9] Stargate Atlantis

New Iconage )

Friends Only Banners:
[1] Celtic
[2] Medieval

Friends Only Banners )



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I'm feeling a bit more inspired than I was a little bit ago...must be the Lime Green Tea. ;-)

Four new dueSouth LJ Icons and one new dueSouth Friends Only Banner (that matches one of the icons) are now available at the 'Realm. They are also available below.

The Banner is Hiding Here Because it is Kinda Big )

Now I really must be going to bed...
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I have two new Friends Only Banners for y'all, both for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One of them even has a matching LJ Icon!

gif | png

gif | png
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This is my fourth (and final) batch of Monty Python and the Holy Grail icons for [ profile] icons100. There are 29 icons in this batch: 20 Artist's Choice and 9 extra. There is also a Friends Only Banner, and a Color Bar

Credit is Nice, Comments are Divine, Hot-linking is Rude and Pointless. Feel free to add text to textless icons.


Batch #1
Batch #2
Batch #3

Batch #4 is Behind Here )
The table with all of the icons made for this challenge can be found at my website here.

...and you can download a .zip file containing all of the icons by right-clicking here and chosing "Save Link/Target As...".
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There is 1 new Friends Only Banner and 8 new LJ Icons available, all in the Fine Art category. I haven't done anything with Fine Art in a while, so I thought I might give it a go this evening. Oh, and 1 of the icons matches the banner. Feel free to use them together, separately, or not at all. ;-D

Friends Only Banner:

(This is only the preview. You can choose from the .gif and .png versions (and see the others) here.)


For the moment the icons are for friends list people only. I'll make them public next Monday.
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Okay, so I was bored, tired, and a bit tipsy from the beer I had with Mom at dinner. I still managed to make seven new Friends Only Banners made, and LJ Icons to go with two of them:

(These are only the previews. You can choose from the .gif and .png versions here.)

That's it for tonight; I'm bushed, and can't wait to get some sleep!
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I'm back. Miss me?

Besides teaching lessons this morning, I've spent most of today sitting on my duff in front of the computer getting caught up on everyone's doings after being MIA for the past few days. I've also made some new goodness for y'all: 17 LJ Icons and 4 Friends Only Banners.

[6] Firefly / Serenity
[5] Pirates of the Caribbean
[4] Trainspotting
[2] Down with Love

Friends Only Banners:
[2] Trainspotting
[2] Josie and the Pussycats

Icons & Banners )

**FYI: My server seems to be wonky. *sigh* None of my images appear, so you'll have to wait a bit to see all of the newness. Sorry about that!**

**FYI 2: Everything seems to be working fine again...please do let me know if you notice something amiss.**


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