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24 LJ Icons have been made and uploaded to the 'Realm. I also have one large texture and three PSP tutorials. All of the LJ Icons except for the Evil Overlord ones are also available at the 'Realm. The Evil Overlord icons are part of a request for [ profile] knightmare_shad that I'm not quite finished with. The other icons were made to test out the PSP tutorial.

PSP Tutorials (should be translatible to other programs):
Aqua Colouring
Cropping Images
Resizing Images

LJ Icons:
[01] Highlander
[03] Harry Potter
[05] Hercules & Xena
[05] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[06] ROAR
[04] Evil Overlord
lj icons )

PSP Texture:

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.
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No updates to the Rome page yet, but I do come bearing LJ Icons and Wallpapers.

LJ Icons:
[02] The Life of Brian
[03] The Tick
[03] The Adventures of Sinbad
[05] Firefly / Serenity
[06] Highlander
[15] 1776
New LJ Icons This Way... )

[01] Rome
[02] Supernatural
[03] Fine Art
New Wallpapers This Way... )

I've divided the fandom manipulated wallpapers into four pages: Sci-Fi Fandoms, Fantasy Fandoms, Historical Fandoms, and Other Fandoms. The Fine Art Wallpapers are still all on one page, though that may change in the future as I add more wallpapers...

If I were to create a community just for graphics and such, would anyone be interested? I'd still make announcements here, of course, but that way people who are just here for the pretties could join there and skip all of the humanities and personal stuff here.
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8 new Wallpapers and 27 new LJ Icons have been uploaded to the 'Realm. They are all available below beneath the cuts.

If you'd like any of the Wallpapers in a different size or file format (all of the links here lead to the PNGs), comment this post or visit their page in the 'Realm for the JPGs and PNGs. The LJ Icons below are also all PNGs. The GIF versions are available at the 'Realm's LJ Icons page.

[1] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[1] Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
[3] Star Wars
[3] Fine Art
The Wallpapers Are Here )

LJ Icons:
[1] Fine Art
[1] Highlander (Methos)
[1] Ryan Gosling
[1] The Bangles
[1] Spiderman (Harry Osbourne)
[1] Firefly (Inara)
[1] Josie and the Pussycats
[1] Jack of All Trades (Napoleon)
[2] A Life Less Ordinary
[2] Monty Python and the Holy Grail
[2] Incects
[2] The Sentinel
[3] Star Wars
[3] Supernatural
[5] Coats of Arms
...And the LJ Icons Are Here )

Comments are shiny!

LJ Icons

Apr. 1st, 2007 05:48 pm
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26 new LJ Icons from various fandoms have been added to the 'Realm. I found a fun tutorial here and went a bit nuts playing with it. Enjoy!

[1] Ewan McGregor
[1] Ryan Gosling
[1] Christian
[1] Pirates of the Caribbean
[1] Trainspotting (Renton)
[1] Highlander (Methos)
[1] The Mummy
[2] Miscellaneous
[2] Ah, My Goddess!
[2] Muppet Show (Kermit)
[2] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[3] ROME
[3] Lord of the Rings
[5] Josie and the Pussycats

Iconage Here )
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I have 7 new LJ Icons and 5 new Wallpapers uploaded to the 'Realm. They're a pretty mixed bag as far as fandoms go. Details below, previews and such under the cut:

LJ Icons:
[1] Highlander
[1] Miscellaneous
[1] Firefly
[2] A Life Less Ordinary
[2] The Mummy

[1] Greece (Delphi)
[1] Firefly
[1] Disney (Sorcerer's Apprentice)
[2] Harry Potter

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New Icons!

Sep. 4th, 2006 01:02 pm
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I'm still in shock about Steve Irwin. I can't concentrate on lesson planning, so I'm just playing around with PSP. So...

In honor of [ profile] ancient_immie's birthday, I present 14 new Highlander Icons:

There Can Be Only One )

If you want differnet/no text on any of them, I'd be happy to change them for you. Just comment here.
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This week has been super busy for me, and this coming week looks to be even more so. I don't know when I'll have time to update the 'Realm next, but it probably won't be until next Sunday at the earliest. I *love* being busy, and I *love* my additional job, but I really hate not having the time to sit down and create things on my computer. Such is life, I suppose. Anywho, onto the Newness!

LJ Icons:
[1.5] Fine Art
[2.5] Egypt
[4] Highlander

Get the new icons here )

There is also one new Stargate Atlantis wallpaper and a matching header:

800x600 JPG | 800x600 PNG
700x285 PNG

Comments and such are very much appreciated!
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I didn't have quite as much time today as I thought (and I got distracted by the new episode of Stargate: Atlantis), so I only have 18 new LJ Icons for y'all today. Highlander screen caps are quite hard to find, it seems. I would just make caps of my own, but I don't own the DVDs (bad Caroline!), and the VHS versions I taped off the TV are crap.

New Icons:
[4] Time Bandits
[6] Highlander the Series
[8] Andromeda

Get your new Icons here! )

I'll be subbing on Thursday and Friday (and new Stargates Friday night), so I may not make another update until the weekend. I'll still be around, but I won't have very much time for creating. Just so's y'all know.
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Methos is ROG Love

Methos is ROG Love

As always, if you like/use, please comment!
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23 New Icons have been made and uploaded to the 'Realm. The newest ones are behind the cut, and are also available (with the older ones) from the LJ Icons page here.

The Breakdown:
[1] Xena: Warrior Princess
[4] Princess Bride
[8] dueSouth
[10] Highlander

Click Me to See Them )

This may well be my last post of the year. [ profile] leopardeternal is coming to visit me for a week starting Saturday, and I'll be busy getting ready for him, as well as dog sitting for my neighbors and taking Grandma out for her birthday on Saturday. So, in case I don't get another chance: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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There are 15 new LJ Icons available for y'all. Most of them were made using pictures I took during my trip to Greece & Spain two years ago, though there are 1 Sunflower, 2 Firefly, and 3 Highlander ones in there as well.

New Icons )

I'm still working on the lesson plans.
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I got 3 new LJ Icons made: 1 Moulin Rouge, 1 Highlander, and 1 Princess Bride

There's also 24 new backgrounds available from the Backgrounds Page.

...and I got my Lesson Plans Page up and available, though it's not linked to by anywhere but this page. It's also nowhere near complete, and has no actual content, but it's up and posted.

I got a call a few minutes ago to sub Spanish at my old high school tomorrow morning (6am...oh joy!), so there probably won't be an update tomorow. I just won't be home all day, what with Spanish in the morning, teaching my kids in the afternoon, and piano lesson in the evening. Hasta luego...
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I made a new LJ Icon template for myself, and have been playing with it for the past little while. I'll probably post it to the 'Realm before too long, but for now it's my fun thing to enjoy and make icons with. Anywho, there are 9 new Icons, 8 of which use my new template: 2 The Mummy Returns, 1 dueSouth, 3 Highlander, 2 Heath Ledger, and 1 Spiderman.

New Icons )

As usual, if you take, please credit & comment. Enjoy!
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The Vicodin is working, so I feel much better today. As a result, I've been pretty productive.

There are 17 new LJ Icons: 6 Harry Potter (new section), 2 Mythology, 2 Highlander, and 7 Miscellaneous.

New Icons )

There are 6 new Desktop Calendars, all of them for the month of August: 1 Stargate Atlantis, 1 Sarah Michelle Gellar, 1 The Mummy/The Mummy Returns, 1 Moulin Rouge, 2 Fine Art.

I also posted 3 of the PSP Tubes that I've created over the years: Greek Vases, Greek Coins, and Roman Coins.

That's it for now, though there may be more later tonight.
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Only 7 new LJ Icons for y'all today: 1 Highlander, 1 Buffy, 1 Lord of the Rings, 2 Adventures of Sinbad, 1 Knight's Tale, and 1 Ryan Gosling.

Click for New Icons )
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By popular demand I got 10 new Live Journal Icons made (5 Fine Art, 2 Stargate Atlantis, 1 Miscellaneous, 1 Highlander, 1 Other Fandom--ROAR). There might be a few more before the night is over, depending on if my medication kicks in or not.

The Greek Dances page has been completed. Thanks to everyone who betaed it for me.

According to my new stats system, the most popular area of the 'Realm is the Wallpapers page, specifically the Fine Art Wallpapers. I added 9 new wallpapers there, tweeked from postcards that I have hanging on my wall--most of which I got during my trip to Greece and Spain. Enjoy!

The second most popular section is collages. I'm in the process of making some new SGA collages, so look for those in a few days; they tend to take me a little longer than most everything else.

As always, I'm taking requests and such. Just leave a comment or send an email.


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