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My mom is still at home and hasn't been asked to evacuate. Although they didn't get any rain in the area today, the temperatures were cooler (85 instead of 95), and it wasn't as windy.

As of five hours ago the fire was just under 37,000 acres, and was still 0% contained. 1/3 of all mobile US firefighting units have been deployed to fight this fire, and some National Guard units as well.

The fire is now about 3 miles from my mom, and she could see the flames two ridges over when I spoke with her this afternoon. We have friends whose neighborhood has been reached by the fire, but there is a trench around it, and only one home was lost so far in that neighborhood. 100 structures have been confirmed destroyed so far. There could be more, but since fires like these tend to jump around a lot it isn't safe enough to go in and do a proper check. There has been one confirmed casualty, but the name and location haven't been disclosed to the media yet.

My boss asked if I needed to go back to Colorado to be with family, and I told her no. I mean, what could I do there? Unless the evacuation order was given I'd just be sitting around with my mom and pets, waiting for the reverse 911 call and breathing in ash and smoke. If the evacuation order was given I'd just be another person evacuated to a shelter or friend's house.

I have to keep reminding myself that even if she does get evacuated it doesn't mean that her house is gone. Many times it's just a precaution. I know several people in remote areas quite far from the fire who had to evacuate simply because if the fire were to start heading in their direction they would have no means to evacuate later. Some of those canyon roads go for *miles* without running into a cross street or another street that isn't a dead end.

So yeah, that's where we're at. Watching and waiting and praying.
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There is a large fire just a few miles away from my mom's house, and it is 0% contained. The fire is west of her and was moving north-ish. When I talked to her this morning they had evacuated the town about 1 1/2 miles north of her (Bellvue, CO, where many of my friends live), though she had not gotten a reverse 911 call telling her to evacuate. Now I hear through the grapevine that they are evacuating LaPorte, CO, which is only 1 mile north of her, and about as far east of the fire as she is. To say I'm worried is an understatement. There isn't really much between her house and the fire except a few miles of extremely dry foothills covered in very dry beetle-killed pine and brush. There really is nothing I can do from 2,000 miles away except wait and worry.

Updates can be found here: For the curious among you, find Mount Ethel in the middle of the huge fire, and go east to LaPorte. The lake south west of LaPorte (Claymore Lake) is just west of my neighbor's property, and a place we used to hike to all the time as kids.
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I've uploaded 20 pictures to my gallery for the Roman Legion that I'm a part of. I'm currently the only female member of the group, so I should be pretty easy to pick out, ;-)

You can view them here.

Etsy Store

Dec. 27th, 2007 04:20 pm
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I've finally gotten around to setting up my Etsy store. I'm in the process of adding items to it. My earrings will be going up first, followed by the bracelets.

You can visit the store here. If you order something and mention this blog or the 'Realm when you check out I'll include some fair trade organic chocolate.
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...possibly. Today was my longest day of teacher training, and I only got to speak but once. I could have talked a lot more, but, hello! I'm very much intimidated by all of my brilliant colleagues and didn't say add much of anything to the conversation on Aristotle. I wrote a lot down, however, and may be subjecting sharing it with y'all later. As it was, the only thing I had to share was when we went down the line and said what role in a tv show/movie/book we'd like to play. I went for Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls. Yeah. Only a few of the teachers got the reference. Barry (the band teacher, who is a good four years younger than I) just barely got it, and congratulated me on proving my geekdom by picking something obscure. I told him that I almost picked one of the elves from the Silmarillion, and he blinked at me a few times, smiled, and said: "point taken".

Tomorrow the music faculty has been chosen to talk about how Greek music relates to Aristotle's idea of beauty and aesthetics. He asked us to talk about the emotions, modes, and place on music in Ancient Greek society and education. Luckily I wrote a paper on just such a topic in college. Unluckily I cannont find said paper. I did manage to find my notes and a few of the sources referenced in them, so I can probably pull something together. Rebecca is going to help me in presenting the modes, and will interject and add things when I start going off topic (which may be more often than she realises). Christie and Barry just gave Dr. Moore a blank stare, so I don't think they'll be contributing very much. We have more than enough for 75 minutes, so I think we'll be okay. I just have to get over having to speak intelligently in front of so many wise and learned people and be able to respond to their wise and learned questions. Meep!

On a more secular note, I went shoe shopping today and got two pairs of Danskos. Both were on sale, and I got a discount on top of that because I am a teacher and have small feet (European 36). There are a couple of other pairs of Danskos that I may go back and get next month after I get paid again if they are still there. I also bought two pairs of earrings and some postcards. I've also been shopping online. The things that I ordered from Think Geek (a staple-free stapler, a chocolate molecule shirt, a caffine molecule mug, two LED candles that you can blow on and off, and a titanium spork), came yesterday, as did my order for a few things that I need to teach this year. In the next few days a few things that I ordered for my office from The Global Exchange will be here, as will the shirts and pants I ordered from Gaiam. I've been spending money like crazy, which will not help fund my trip to Italy, but after how hard I've been working I think I deserve some fun things. And some of them I really do need (well...).

This is turning out to be longer than I had intended, and I should probably try and finish that Washington biography and at least go over the notes for the presentation and other readings for tomorrow. I shall bid you adieu, and wish you all a good evening/night/morning/afternoon/whatever it is in your part of our planet.
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I'm now a registered volunteer at my local Ten Thousand Villages retail store! Yay! Getting more involved in the community (my local as well as the global community) is something I've wanted to do for *ages* but hadn't managed to find the time to do. I've been sharing my love of different cultures with my students for a while now (and will be starting up my ethnomusicology/geography club at school this fall), but now I can share with loads of other people, and learn from them as well.

I expect this will mean that my world music/cultures lesson plans & general info section of the 'Realm will finally take flight. Anyone have any info, stories, or other global things to share?


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