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In addition to the usual LJ Icons and Wallpapers I have a Perpetual Calendar and an essay (Music and Greek Theatre) I wrote for a theatre class several years ago. I also have some new largeish textures for PSP--and that section now includes the textures as PNGs as well as PSPs.

LJ Icons:
[01] The Tick Quote
[03] Art
[04] The Life of Brian
[07] Ancient Rome
lj icons )

[01] Rome
[01] Supernatural
[01] The Mummy Returns
[01] Lord of the Rings (especially because [ profile] nverland likes Viggo so much)
[03] Fine Art
wallpapers )

PSP Textures:
all are behind a cut because even the previews are large, and not everyone cares )

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.

The calendars for August 2007 were along in the last post...
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Yep, it's another graphics dump. Some of these were made a while ago and I forgot about them. My bad. As such, there's not a whole lot of rhyme or reason. I'm random like that.

LJ Icons
PSP Tutorials
PSP Textures
PSP Brushes

LJ Icons:
[01] The Bangles
[01] Nature
[02] The Mummy
[04] Andromeda
[04] Harry Potter
[05] Disney
[05] Rome

here be the icons )

PSP Textures:
Only the previews are available here. To download the .psp version, visit their page
The ones of these that are sized 100x100 might make decent LJ Icons...
here be the textures )

PSP Brushes:
Like the PSP Textures, only the previews are available here. To download the brushes, visit their page
here be the brushes )

PSP Tutorial:
It's for PSP 9, and can be seen here

[02] Miscellaneous
here be the backgrounds )

LJ Icons

Apr. 1st, 2007 05:48 pm
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26 new LJ Icons from various fandoms have been added to the 'Realm. I found a fun tutorial here and went a bit nuts playing with it. Enjoy!

[1] Ewan McGregor
[1] Ryan Gosling
[1] Christian
[1] Pirates of the Caribbean
[1] Trainspotting (Renton)
[1] Highlander (Methos)
[1] The Mummy
[2] Miscellaneous
[2] Ah, My Goddess!
[2] Muppet Show (Kermit)
[2] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[3] ROME
[3] Lord of the Rings
[5] Josie and the Pussycats

Iconage Here )
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I have 7 new LJ Icons and 5 new Wallpapers uploaded to the 'Realm. They're a pretty mixed bag as far as fandoms go. Details below, previews and such under the cut:

LJ Icons:
[1] Highlander
[1] Miscellaneous
[1] Firefly
[2] A Life Less Ordinary
[2] The Mummy

[1] Greece (Delphi)
[1] Firefly
[1] Disney (Sorcerer's Apprentice)
[2] Harry Potter

click on me to see the last update of 2006 )
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The Mummy is Eternal Love

The Mummy is Eternal Love

As always, if you like/use, please comment!
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Yay! 18 new LJ Icons, 2 new DiaryLand sets, some new Backgrounds Colour information pages, and a bit of housekeeping. Considering I went out with friends yesterday for shopping and Scotish food, I think I'm doing pretty well. Oh, and there was a new Methos colour bar that I posted yesterday. If you like it, please feel free to use it! I *am* letting anyone direct-link to the colourbars, so post to your hearts' content. All newness can be found behind the cut.

Icons and DiaryLand Sets )

[2] The Mummy
[7] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[9] Star Wars

[1] Science
[1] Snow

That's it for tonight's update, as I have violin lessons to teach. I'm working on typing up my notes about the social/political history of ancient Greece, as well as adding to my mythological creatures page. Oh, and also some of my notes about mythology/history in Stargate. I made aa entry a while back with some of the info I've collected, but I have a *ton* more to add.
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I got December's Calendars and 30 new LJ Icons made. The Calendars won't be available until the last week in November, but the icons are available now.

New Icons: 2 Disney, 1 The Mummy, 3 Animaniacs, 1 Firefly, 4 Medieval, 18 Christian Fine Art, and 1 Harry Potter. To save loading time I've posted the new Icons behind a cut.

New Icons )
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I made a new LJ Icon template for myself, and have been playing with it for the past little while. I'll probably post it to the 'Realm before too long, but for now it's my fun thing to enjoy and make icons with. Anywho, there are 9 new Icons, 8 of which use my new template: 2 The Mummy Returns, 1 dueSouth, 3 Highlander, 2 Heath Ledger, and 1 Spiderman.

New Icons )

As usual, if you take, please credit & comment. Enjoy!
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Sorry about the lack of updates this week. School has been keeping me busy. That said, I added a bunch of small things and did some minor tweeking here and there.

To the Humanities Page I added a list of Scottish Rulers. I still haven't finished typing up the family trees, but I will by Sunday night.

I added 1 new Background -- It's Stargate: Atlantis related!

The LJ Icons have also been updated with 6 new SGA Icons and 2 new Mummy Icons (which also now has its own section)

New Icons )

Other updated pages include the FAQ and the Creations By Topic.
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Sorry about not updating these last few days. I didn't get a job I really wanted, and have had to look around and apply elsewhere. It's pretty much been taking up all of my energy. But I digress...

I did get to making 2 new collages and 7 LJ Icons. I also made a few minor tweeks here and there (mostly fixing broken links and such).

New Things )
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The Vicodin is working, so I feel much better today. As a result, I've been pretty productive.

There are 17 new LJ Icons: 6 Harry Potter (new section), 2 Mythology, 2 Highlander, and 7 Miscellaneous.

New Icons )

There are 6 new Desktop Calendars, all of them for the month of August: 1 Stargate Atlantis, 1 Sarah Michelle Gellar, 1 The Mummy/The Mummy Returns, 1 Moulin Rouge, 2 Fine Art.

I also posted 3 of the PSP Tubes that I've created over the years: Greek Vases, Greek Coins, and Roman Coins.

That's it for now, though there may be more later tonight.
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I had to work yesterday, and my jaw is really bugging me today, so not a huge update. There are 8 new LJ Icons: 1 Mythology, 2 Stargate Atlantis, 1 Stargate SG-1, 1 Moulin Rouge, 1 Mummy Returns, and 2 Star Trek.

New Icons )

Depending on how I'm feeling tomorrow (getting your wisdom teeth out sucks beyond all reason), there may or may not be an update tomorrow. If I get the teaching job I applied for (I'm supposed to hear back tomorrow) the updates to this page may become few and far between soon, as I'll be needng to do lesson plans and such.

Some projects that should be done soon: The Stones section of the Grimoire, an Elizabeth Weir collage, a Teyla colage, more LJ icons, and some new Blinkies.


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