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School's Out For Summer! Well, I actually have some teacher-type responsibilities next week, and I'll be doing daycare again for most of it, and I have to go in my my school every Friday all summer, but I'm done with the lesson plans and 4:30am wake-up time until August! So what do I have for you today? The Calendars for June (in the next post) and 33 New LJ Icons of various flavours:
[1] Music
[1] The Sentinel
[1] Josie and the pussycats
[1] Zap Mama
[1] Tile
[1] Due South
[1] Greece
[1] Harry Potter
[2] Miscellaneous
[3] Stargate Atlantis
[4] Lord of the Rings
[4] Patriotic
[5] Travel
[7] Grotesques
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The February 2007 have been uploaded and are now available in the 'Realm. All are sized 800x600, and are PNGs. If you'd like a different size, file format, or the image without the calendar, comment on this post or email me.

Click on a preview calendar below to see the full-size version.

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I'm in the middle of writing up my Music in the Renaissance test for my 5th grade core music class. If I were to post it here when it's finished, would anyone be interested in taking it? I could post the answers in two weeks after the last of my 5th grade classes has taken it. I'll also be writing a test for Mendelssohn's music for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" that I may be able to post. The latter is a bit listening heavy, which might be tricky, but I could definitely post the written sections.
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November Calendars are now available from the 'Realm. You can find them on this page. Or you can just click on their previews below:

The last part of my Three Musketeers challenge over at [ profile] icons100 will be up on Saturday. The main part is done, but there are some extras (mood theme, colour bar, quote icons, wallpapers, etc) that I want to get done before I post. I'll be chaperoning students this weekend at an orchestra festival, so I'll have *lots* of free time on my hands while they are rehearsing. I hope. And a king-sized bed and a suite. I just don't get an actual day off. And I miss parent-teacher conferences. At any rate, I'll be taking my laptop and my iPod, so look for some cool things when I get back.

And the Acoustic Africa concert I went to last night was simply amazing! *insert flailing squee here* If you get the chance to see it, it is well worth the money! And the four hours of sleep I got last night because it got out really late...this explains my ramblings...

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The August Calendars have been generated and uploaded to the 'Realm. This month there is one brand new design. The other five are the five most popular from months past re-done for August.
Click on the preview below to view the full-sized calendar:

I've also made the first of (I hope) many music headers, a Piano header, as requested by [ profile] gauriel. It's only available as a PNG, and is textless. Email me and I'd be happy to put on any text that you like, or feel free to add it on your own.

There are also 12 new LJ Icons, including some writing ones for [ profile] ruhgozler and a music one for [ profile] gauriel:
[1] Trainspotting
[1] Space/Astronomy
[1] Medieval
[1] Music
[3] Fine Art
[5] Miscellaneous

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And a few of the Egyptian Deities now have their name in heiroglyphs added to their entry page. I'll be adding more of these as time and my research allow.

[ profile] leopardeternal and [ profile] elvenseeker (and maybe [ profile] pknight) are coming to see me this weekend, so probably no updates until next week.
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Lots of random new things this week:
-3 Music Lesson Plans
-1 PSP LJ Icon Border
-1 Background
-16 LJ Icons - some have png versions available at The 'Realm
and some tweeks here and there

Music Lesson Plans:
The Spooky Old Tree
Lummi (Lomi) Sticks
Peter and the Wolf.

PSP LJ Icon Border:


LJ Icons:
[1] Little Mermaid
[2] Stargate: Atlantis
[3] Old Houses
[5] Birthday
[5] Quotes from Kenneth Clark's Civilisation
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That's it for this weekend. I get three days off from The Classical School next week (Thursday, Friday, and Monday of the week after), so my mornings will be free again (I still have to work at the daycare). I'm going to watch Monty Python's Life of Brian for Easter, and I really want to make some icons from that movie. Is there anything that anyone would like me to concentrate on?
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Okay, so this has *nothing* to do with my website, unless I finally get my world music lessons posted.

cut for those who don't want to hear about my music teaching stuff )

Oh, and this was also posted to my personal journal.

I'll be making an icon update this evening after work (Andromeda and Time Bandits so far, but there will probably be more).
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I got busy this morning after teaching lessons and got a bunch of new things added to the 'Realm:
11 new Backgrounds, 15 LJ Icons, 1 DiaryLand Template, and a smattering of Etruscan and Roman Deities. Because the update is a bit graphics-intensive I've placed it behind a cut.

Newness )
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There are 9 new LJ Icons available: 1 Harry Potter and 8 Miscellaneous.

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I got 3 new LJ Icons made: 1 Moulin Rouge, 1 Highlander, and 1 Princess Bride

There's also 24 new backgrounds available from the Backgrounds Page.

...and I got my Lesson Plans Page up and available, though it's not linked to by anywhere but this page. It's also nowhere near complete, and has no actual content, but it's up and posted.

I got a call a few minutes ago to sub Spanish at my old high school tomorrow morning (6am...oh joy!), so there probably won't be an update tomorow. I just won't be home all day, what with Spanish in the morning, teaching my kids in the afternoon, and piano lesson in the evening. Hasta luego...


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