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In addition to the usual LJ Icons and Wallpapers I have a Perpetual Calendar and an essay (Music and Greek Theatre) I wrote for a theatre class several years ago. I also have some new largeish textures for PSP--and that section now includes the textures as PNGs as well as PSPs.

LJ Icons:
[01] The Tick Quote
[03] Art
[04] The Life of Brian
[07] Ancient Rome
lj icons )

[01] Rome
[01] Supernatural
[01] The Mummy Returns
[01] Lord of the Rings (especially because [ profile] nverland likes Viggo so much)
[03] Fine Art
wallpapers )

PSP Textures:
all are behind a cut because even the previews are large, and not everyone cares )

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.

The calendars for August 2007 were along in the last post...
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Here be the August 2007 calendars. If you are interested in an image without the calendar, please checkout the following post.

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I have 13 new LJ Icons for y'all, some of which are actually old, but newly formatted as PNGs. I *was* going to add more deities to the Deities Page, but our power went off for several hours. By the time it came back on I was sick of taking notes on different deities, and decided to make Icons instead of typing up said notes. Y'all will just have to deal. ;-)

[1] The Notebook
[1] Mythology
[2] Fine Art (VanGogh)
[2] Egypt
[2] Miscellaneous
[5] A Life Less Ordinary

New and Newish Icons )
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I've finished with the renovations to the Greece & Greek Mythology Page. It's all shiny with its new css formatting (which should make updating it a lot easier). I made minor tweeks to the content here and there, but nothing major. I'm going to try and make some real updates to it this weekend.

Greece & Greek Mythology

If you notice anything amiss, please do let me know so I can go back in and fix it!
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I have made and uploaded 16 new LJ Icons and 1 new PSP 9 brush set.

The brush set has 11 brushes of Asian Dragons in it, and it's quite large (570KB or so).

Some of my LJ Icons pages were getting quite large, and taking quite a long time to load, so I've split them into multiple pages. All of the icons are still there, though they have been rearranged a bit. Affected pages: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Fine Art, and Mythology. Oh, and Pirates of the Caribbean Icons now have their own page.

New Iconage:
[4] Pirates of the Caribbean
[5] Lord of the Rings
[7] Ancient Rome

Newness Behind Me )
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Happy New Year!

[ profile] leopardeternal is home safe and sound. I had to get up really frelling early to take him to the airport (I didn't mind a bit, as I like mornings), and once home again couldn't fall asleep (probably because I feel absolutely cruvas again because of the daycare kids). I made some new LJ Icons and Backgrounds to pass the time, and they've been posted to the 'Realm. They are also available below the cut.

[10] Lord of the Rings
[5] Miscellaneous Fandoms
[4] Ancient Rome
[4] Fine Art
[3] Miscellaneous

[5] Patterns

Newness This Way )

I don't think my work schedule will be as nuts this week, so I should have time for creating and updating. I'm thinking about making banners and mood themes. Not having a paid account I can't really test the latter, but I could count on a few of y'all to try them out, couldn't I?

And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to [ profile] btrflyvampvixen and [ profile] songspinner9!!!!
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28 new Icons have been added to the 'Realm, 9 or which are included in this post. The others are all Stargate SG-1, and will be along in the next post. Icon in this post are 8 Fine Art/Mythology and 1 Firefly:

I've also added a bit to the Seven Hills of Rome and the Roman Terms pages.
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I've tweeked and added quite a bit to the 'Realm today thanks to me having some time off and cleaning my room. To the Senior Humanities Page I've added a list of Traditional Christmas Ornaments. I've added a bit to the Roman Festivals Page and the Roman Deities Page. There is also one new background and 15 new LJ Icons--1 dueSouth, 3 Christian Fine Art, 5 Atlantis, 6 Fine Art / Mythology.

Background and Icons )
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Tee hee! I can't check my email at the moment, as Yahoo! and my server seem to be, um, not working. I made icons to pass the time. 27 new ones, to be exact: 1 Fairy, 4 Angels, 2 Yellow Ribbons, 2 Missouri, 3 Greece, and 15 Andromeda. If you like the Andromeda ones I'm planning on making some Stargate ones just like them later this week.

And there is one new background. It's Stargate-related, taken from a picture of the inside of Apophis' Cheops class warship. I actually made it a long time ago, but didn't ever get around to posting it.

New Things )
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You didn't think I'd forgotten about y'all, did you? I've posted 44 new LJ Icons to the 'Realm, 36 of which are Zodiac Signs from old wood carvings. There are also 2 for The Sentinel and 6 fine art. I'm only going to post the new Capricorn Icons here, but if you click on them you'll be taken to the page where you can find the other signs.

Click me for Icony Goodness )

I don't know how much I'll get done today; I have to be in Loveland early to teach lessons (11:00 early), and I'm going to my neighbor's music performance with his school this evening.
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Sorry about the Wizard of Oz reference, but I couldn't help myself...

The longest day ever is over, and boy have I got some updates for you! To start off, there are 32 new LJ Icons available for y'all. Well, 16 if you're on my friends/email list. The index page for that section has been re-worked a bit to make things easier to find (I hope). There may be a few new icons added this evening if I feel inspired after work.

Click me to see the new icons )

I've posted November's six wallpaper calendar offerings as well, three in fandoms, and three fine art. If you'd like me to offer one of October's calendars for November, please send me an email.

New Calendars )

I've also made some minor tweeks here and there, mostly to announce that unless you're on LJ or my special servers list you can't direct-link to any of my images anymore.

I started several projects yesterday while I watched my daycare kids nap, mostly involving mythology and the like. We'll have to see what happens with those.

Oh! And I found some scanned postcards and pictures on my old computer while I was on it on Sunday night, so I'm going to try and add some more wallpapers in the next few days.
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I've uploaded 11 new Wallpapers, and the links to the 800x600 sizes are available below by clicking on the preview image.

The wallpapers have been re-organized a bit, as the Fine Art section was getting a bit big and taking way too long to load. It's now in three categories: Mythology, History, and Miscellaneous Fine Art.

Cut to Save Loading Time )

That should be it for a while with the new Fine Art Wallpapers, as I've once again run out of scanned pictures.

I'm off to (hopefully) finish up with adding Norse Deities to the Deities Page.
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I have 9 new LJ Icons for y'all tonight. This is the only place they are available from at the moment, and Tuesday I'll have a *huge* icon update, especially for those of you not on my friends/email list.

I'll be pulling a 15+ hour day on Monday (07:00-18:30 at 7 Oaks (with maybe 20 minutes for lunch) and 18:45-21:15 teaching lessons, plus 35 minute drive each way), so that's why the new stuff will be out on Tuesday. I'm going to try and get a bunch done and posted this weekend (wallpapers, deities, etc), but no new icons until Tuesday.
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There are six new fine art wallpapers. Their previews are below. Click on the image to download the zip file containing the 800x600 version. The other sizes (640x480 and 1024x768) are available to download from fine art page in the Wallpapers Area.

'The School of Athens' ~ Raphael 'The Massacre of the Niobids' ~ Andrea Camassei 'The Combat of Mars and Minerva' ~ Jacques-Louis David
'La gamme d'amour' ~ Jean-Antoine Watteau Apollo and the Muses on Mount Helion' ~ Claude Lorrain 'The Feast of the Gods' ~ Giovanni Bellini

That's it for now. School has tired me out, and my computer's CD drive is being a pain, so no new LJ icons today. There will be a ton once I get my CD drive working again, as I scanned and bought a bunch of pictures, but since they're all on CDs...
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I've made and posted 16 new LJ Icons. They're friends-only at the moment. Next week I'll make them public, but for now they're only for you guys! Enjoy!

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There are 11 new LJ Icons, most of them in the Fine Art and Mythology categories.

New Icons )

There are also several new DiaryLand Templates. I've also tweeked some of the entries in the Deities Page.

I was going to get a bit more done for y'all, but I ended up redoing my DiaryLand Journal instead. I've been meaning to do that for a few months now, and finally got around to it.

New Stuff

Oct. 9th, 2005 05:31 pm
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After this morning's hair...stuff, I got inspired to make some new things.

There is 1 new Diaryland Template. The image is Caravaggio's Medusa. It's thought to be a self portrait of Caravaggio.

There are also 5 new LJ Icons:

There were going to be a few more LJ Icons, but PSP keeps crashing, and I don't have time to re-install it right now. I'll get it fixed after Violin lessons tonight, and if I get time I'll make another update with more icons and perhaps some additional Norse Deities and a DiaryLand Template or two.
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There are 15 new LJ Icons available for y'all. Most of them were made using pictures I took during my trip to Greece & Spain two years ago, though there are 1 Sunflower, 2 Firefly, and 3 Highlander ones in there as well.

New Icons )

I'm still working on the lesson plans.
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Yesterday was a great (and tiring) day. It was really long, but I ended up getting a lot done dispite teaching for almost 13 hours. There are 21 new Icons, and more should be coming along later this evening. I may also have time to type up an actual lesson plan or two, since I've finished up my African music unit and we're moving onto Halloween (one of my favourite holidays). I've lost my singing voice to my cold, and I'm sure my talking voice is going to follow, so I think the Pre-Kindergarteners are going to be listening a lot today, and maybe playing Musical Bump (like musical chairs, but without the chairs--last to sit is out).

New Icony Goodness )
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There are 11 new LJ Icons available for y'all tonight: 4 Greece-Related, 3 Rainbow Brite (which may get its own section soon, lol!), 2 Mythology, 1 Josie and the Pussycats, and 1 for The Notebook. I re-organized some of the pages while I was at it, grouping icons from the same fandom/subject together. I'll be doing more of this as I add more icons.

Click for New Icons )

I've also started typing up some of my lesson plans for the African Music unit. I should have a bunch of them ready to post by the weekend.


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