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The Mythological Creatures page has a few new and tweaked entries and many new pictures. I also attempted a small spelling and grammar check while I was updating the codes, but I still may have missed somethings. If you notice anything amiss, please let me know so I can fix it.

The Deities Page has also seen some tweaks and additions, mainly in the Norse and Egyptian areas.

I've also added a Bibliography for the Deities Page as a whole.
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Twenty new deities have been added to the Deities Page. Updated pantheons are: Norse, Roman, Mayan, and Etruscan.
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Lots of newness to be found in the 'Realm!

PSP things, LJ Icons, and Stories, OH MY!

First off, I have my second guest muse. A cool person by the name of Darrin Morgan has graciously sent me a wonderful verson of a Norse Myth, and I've posted it into my long-neglected Stories page. You can find his story, called "Fenris the Wolf" HERE. I hope he is able to send more stories in the future!

Nextly, there are three more LiveJournal Borders to be found in the PSP section (click on the preview to download the PSP file):

Lastly, there are nine new LJ Icons: 5 Lord of the Rings, 1 Rainbow Brite, 2 Stargate Atlantis, and 1 Miscellaneous. You can find them Under the Cut )

That's it for tonight, though I'll probably have more for y'all tomorrow. I found some great Rainbow Brite pictures, and got my Snappy working again, and I don't have to work for two whole days! I just hope I can catch up on everything before things go crazy/busy again on Monday. ;-)
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I just uploaded the last major update of Norse Deities to the Deities Page. I'm in the process of going through and fixing / adding anything I might have missed. I should be done with that in a hour or two, and all links should be working. If you find something amiss, please let me know so I can go back and fix it!

UPDATE: 20:27
I just finished checking and re-checking (and uploading) everything. All links in the Norse Deities section should be working now.
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I've added Norse Deities to the Deities Page through the letter S, though there are a few here and there that are still missing A-S. I'll probably add them once all of the other deities are done, since I'm sure I'll find yet more missing or mis-linked.

There are 3 new DiaryLand Templates:

That's it for now, though there may be a bit more later tonight / tomorrow morning.
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There are about 30 or so Norse Deities that have been added to the Deities Page, with more on the way. I'm in the middle of the Ss, and hope to have that letter finished tonight. The going is a bit slower than I'd like (I keep getting distracted by more information), but I should be able to finish up the Norse Deties this week.

After everything is all typed I get to go through and make sure all of the links work, which I'm trying to do as I go, but I will miss a few here and there. I also have to make sure I've added everything I've made a link for. If you notice any links letters A-S that don't work, please let me know so I can go back and fix them!
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I've added a few more Norse Deities to the Deities Page.

I've also created some new LJ Icons, but since my internet connection is kinda wonky right now (it has been all afternoon, actually), I'm going to wait until tomorrow or so to upload them.
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I've added 38 new Norse Deities to the Deities Page (I'm through the letter K).

I'm going to take a small break from the typing and see if I can get some LJ Icons made, as I haven't done any for a few days and I've had several requests.
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I've added the Norse Deities through the letter G. I was hoping to get through the letter I today, but my job and other distractions were against me.

I think I'm about half way through my list of Norse Deities to add, and I really hope to finish them up by Sunday at the latest.

After this I'm going to start in on Etruscan Deities.
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I've added more Norse Deities to the Deities Page. I'm through the Fs, and hope to add the Gs-Js tomorrow, but we'll just have to see what happens.
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I've added a few more Norse Deities to the Deities Page. I'll be adding more as the night progresses.
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I added a handful of Norse deities to the Deities Page.


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