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Loads of graphical updates this time around: 13 LJ Icons, 11 Wallpapers, and 6 PSP textures of varying flavours. I'm also working on updating and correcting several of the pages in the Mythological Creatures section of the 'Realm, but they aren't quite finished enough for me to post. But they will be posted soon!

LJ Icons:
[06] Flight of the Conchords
[07] Fine Art --> Viktor Hartmann

lj icons )

[01] Xena: Warrior Princess
[01] Flight of the Conchords
[01] Due South
[01] Moulin Rouge
[02] Stargate: Atlantis
[02] Fine Art
[03] Grids

wallpapers )

PSP Textures:
[01] Tiny Texture
[01] LJ Texture
[04] Large Textures

textures )
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Dude! Do I have updates for you! I've been hoarding these, as I haven't had much time for coding and such as of late. Today I have: 14 LJ Icons, 18 PSP Brushes (in 2 sets), 3 PSP Textures, 5 Wallpapers, and 6 February 2008 Calendars (which will be along in the next post).

[14] LJ Icons:
[14] Star Wars (all from Episode I)
lj icons )

[18] PSP Brushes:
[01] Egyptian Cartouche set ([09] Brushes)
[01] Egyptian Symbols set 9 ([09] Brushes)
psp brushes )

[03] PSP Textures:*
* The PSP files are linked behind the cut. Go here to find the PNG versions.
psp textures )

[05] Wallpapers:
[01] Stargate: Atlantis
[01] 1776
[01] Lord of the Rings
[01] Harry Potter
[01] Fine Art
wallpapers )

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.
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Yay for time off! I haven't had much, but it was enough to make a small update to the 'Realm. Today I have 23 LJ Icons (some of which my flist have already seen), 7 Tile Wallpapers, and 8 PSP Textures.

[23] LJ Icons:
[02] Lord of the Rings
[03] Voyagers!
[03] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[05] Ladies
[05] Miscellaneous
[05] The Sentinel
lj icons )

[07] Tile Wallpapers:
tile wallpapers )

[08] PSP Textures:
psp textures )

I have a few other projects going, including adding deities and creatures to their sections and instructions for Roman Clothing. I don't have a timeline for getting those posted, but I'm shooting for sometime during my winter break.

So much for the idea that my second year of teaching would be easier and less time-consuming than my first...

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.
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24 LJ Icons have been made and uploaded to the 'Realm. I also have one large texture and three PSP tutorials. All of the LJ Icons except for the Evil Overlord ones are also available at the 'Realm. The Evil Overlord icons are part of a request for [ profile] knightmare_shad that I'm not quite finished with. The other icons were made to test out the PSP tutorial.

PSP Tutorials (should be translatible to other programs):
Aqua Colouring
Cropping Images
Resizing Images

LJ Icons:
[01] Highlander
[03] Harry Potter
[05] Hercules & Xena
[05] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[06] ROAR
[04] Evil Overlord
lj icons )

PSP Texture:

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.
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In addition to the usual LJ Icons and Wallpapers I have a Perpetual Calendar and an essay (Music and Greek Theatre) I wrote for a theatre class several years ago. I also have some new largeish textures for PSP--and that section now includes the textures as PNGs as well as PSPs.

LJ Icons:
[01] The Tick Quote
[03] Art
[04] The Life of Brian
[07] Ancient Rome
lj icons )

[01] Rome
[01] Supernatural
[01] The Mummy Returns
[01] Lord of the Rings (especially because [ profile] nverland likes Viggo so much)
[03] Fine Art
wallpapers )

PSP Textures:
all are behind a cut because even the previews are large, and not everyone cares )

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.

The calendars for August 2007 were along in the last post...
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Many, many updates this time! I've been busy, so I haven't had as much time for updating as I thought I would or as I would have liked. C'est la vie.

In the Roman section there is a new page about the Roman Calendar. The festivals page, the seven hills page, the writers page, and the terms page have had updates and tweeks done to them.

The Deities section has had some updating and tweeking, particularly in the Roman and Creatures areas. Speaking of which...I've created a community for mythological creatures in fandom. I haven't done much with it yet, but if you are interested in helping me (and [ profile] pknight) out by becoming a moderator or watching it, I'd love to have you!

And finally, the Creations section has been updated. There is a new header, a new friends only banner, new LJ icons, a new PSP tutorial, a new PSP brush, and a new PSP tube. The header, friends only banner, and one LJ icon match, btw.

[01] Xena: Warrior Princess

Friends Only Banner:
[01] Xena: Warrior Princess

LJ Icons:
[01] Phil Ochs
[01] DueSouth
[01] Firefly
[01] Stargate: Atlantis
[03] Disney
[25] Xena: Warrior Princess
Cut For Size )

PSP Tutorial:

PSP Brush:

PSP Tube:
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Yep, it's another graphics dump. Some of these were made a while ago and I forgot about them. My bad. As such, there's not a whole lot of rhyme or reason. I'm random like that.

LJ Icons
PSP Tutorials
PSP Textures
PSP Brushes

LJ Icons:
[01] The Bangles
[01] Nature
[02] The Mummy
[04] Andromeda
[04] Harry Potter
[05] Disney
[05] Rome

here be the icons )

PSP Textures:
Only the previews are available here. To download the .psp version, visit their page
The ones of these that are sized 100x100 might make decent LJ Icons...
here be the textures )

PSP Brushes:
Like the PSP Textures, only the previews are available here. To download the brushes, visit their page
here be the brushes )

PSP Tutorial:
It's for PSP 9, and can be seen here

[02] Miscellaneous
here be the backgrounds )
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Lots of random new things this week:
-3 Music Lesson Plans
-1 PSP LJ Icon Border
-1 Background
-16 LJ Icons - some have png versions available at The 'Realm
and some tweeks here and there

Music Lesson Plans:
The Spooky Old Tree
Lummi (Lomi) Sticks
Peter and the Wolf.

PSP LJ Icon Border:


LJ Icons:
[1] Little Mermaid
[2] Stargate: Atlantis
[3] Old Houses
[5] Birthday
[5] Quotes from Kenneth Clark's Civilisation
LJ Icons )

That's it for this weekend. I get three days off from The Classical School next week (Thursday, Friday, and Monday of the week after), so my mornings will be free again (I still have to work at the daycare). I'm going to watch Monty Python's Life of Brian for Easter, and I really want to make some icons from that movie. Is there anything that anyone would like me to concentrate on?
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I've uploaded (and posted) [19] PSP 9 Textures to the 'Realm.

I'm not going to preview them here, as I know many of you don't use PSP, but if anyone is interested they can look at them and download them here.
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I have made and uploaded 16 new LJ Icons and 1 new PSP 9 brush set.

The brush set has 11 brushes of Asian Dragons in it, and it's quite large (570KB or so).

Some of my LJ Icons pages were getting quite large, and taking quite a long time to load, so I've split them into multiple pages. All of the icons are still there, though they have been rearranged a bit. Affected pages: Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Fine Art, and Mythology. Oh, and Pirates of the Caribbean Icons now have their own page.

New Iconage:
[4] Pirates of the Caribbean
[5] Lord of the Rings
[7] Ancient Rome

Newness Behind Me )
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I've added some brushes for Paint Shop Pro 9.01 to the 'Realm. They won't work for earlier versions of PSP or with PhotoShop (I don't think), but I'm working on a version that might. Email me if you're interested, as it will motivate me to speed up the process.

I'm going to put the previews behind a cut because they are big, and because not everyone cares about PSP.

Click Me for a Preview and to Download )
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Lots of newness to be found in the 'Realm!

PSP things, LJ Icons, and Stories, OH MY!

First off, I have my second guest muse. A cool person by the name of Darrin Morgan has graciously sent me a wonderful verson of a Norse Myth, and I've posted it into my long-neglected Stories page. You can find his story, called "Fenris the Wolf" HERE. I hope he is able to send more stories in the future!

Nextly, there are three more LiveJournal Borders to be found in the PSP section (click on the preview to download the PSP file):

Lastly, there are nine new LJ Icons: 5 Lord of the Rings, 1 Rainbow Brite, 2 Stargate Atlantis, and 1 Miscellaneous. You can find them Under the Cut )

That's it for tonight, though I'll probably have more for y'all tomorrow. I found some great Rainbow Brite pictures, and got my Snappy working again, and I don't have to work for two whole days! I just hope I can catch up on everything before things go crazy/busy again on Monday. ;-)
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Work has been, I've been there a lot lately, so there are just a few new things this time around. My books came from Amazon on Saturday (Dictionary of Ancient Deities, The Eleusinian Mysteries & Rites, and The Serpent Myths of Ancient Egypt) but I haven't had time to read them yet. I have the next two days off, and if I can glean any information from them in those two days I'll be adding it to the 'Realm shortly. As for the new things, there is one new PSP LJ icon border and 4 new LJ Icons: 2 SGA, 1 Miscellaneous, and 1 Fine Art.

PSP LJ Icon Border:
PSP LJ Icon Border

LJ Icons:

The cat in the purple picture is my cat, Zeus, when he was about 4 months old.

As always, credit and comment/email if you take so I know what to make more of, ;-P
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There are 4 new PSP Tubes, and all of them concern Ancient Greece.

I have 12 new LJ Icons for y'all: 5 Mythology and 7 Miscellaneous.
New Icons )

The LJ Icons section may get rearranged soon to further separate the 242 Icons into more categories with smaller numbers.

Oh, and I'm working on the Deities Page, and should have a sizeable addition tomorrow that will include Roman Gods and Goddesses.
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I added a bunch more PSP Tubes and 7 LJ Icon Borders to the newly created (and renamed) PSP area in the creations section of the 'Realm.

That's about it for now. We'll see how much I finish for later.


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