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The February 2010 calendars are available. They've been available for almost 2 weeks now, but I forgot to make the update posts. Oops!

They will be accessible for this month, and then will be deleted to make room for the new month's calendars.

All of these images are newly modified and aren't yet available as plain wallpapers. They will be soon, however.
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The October 2009 calendars are now available:

They will be accessible for this month, and then will be deleted to make room for the new month's calendars.

If you'd like to see the images without the calendar, check out the Wallpapers Page.
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Loads of graphical updates this time around: 13 LJ Icons, 11 Wallpapers, and 6 PSP textures of varying flavours. I'm also working on updating and correcting several of the pages in the Mythological Creatures section of the 'Realm, but they aren't quite finished enough for me to post. But they will be posted soon!

LJ Icons:
[06] Flight of the Conchords
[07] Fine Art --> Viktor Hartmann

lj icons )

[01] Xena: Warrior Princess
[01] Flight of the Conchords
[01] Due South
[01] Moulin Rouge
[02] Stargate: Atlantis
[02] Fine Art
[03] Grids

wallpapers )

PSP Textures:
[01] Tiny Texture
[01] LJ Texture
[04] Large Textures

textures )
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Here be the June 2008 calendars. All of them are available without the calendar in the 'Realm. You can find them here.

calendars )
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School has been kicking my butt, but I do have some things for y'all: October Calendars (which will be along in the next post), 1 FO Banner, 2 Wallpapers, and 28 LJ Icons.

FO Banner:
[01] Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
fo banner )

[01] Lord of the Rings
[01] Xena: Warrior Princess
wallpapers )

LJ Icons:
[01] Harry Potter
[02] Lord of the Rings
[10] Fine Art
[15] Nature
lj icons )

Tomorrow I shall be making my monthly festivals post over at [ profile] religioromana.

Oh! And I tied for 2nd place over at [ profile] rome_stills in their first challenge! The winners list is here.

Comments are shiny! :D

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.


Sep. 4th, 2007 06:43 pm
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I can't believe it's been over a month since I made a public graphics post (other than the calendars)! Sorry about that! I've been really busy preparing for school, and haven't really had much computer time in the past month. But teacher training is over, and school officially started today. Not that things are likely to calm down--they will in fact most likely calm up. So what do I have for y'all today?: 5 Wallpapers, 2 Backgrounds, 1 Header, and 14 LJ Icons.

[01] Jack of All Trades
[01] Xena: Warrior Princess
[03] Lord of the Rings
wallpapers )

backgrounds )

[01] 1776
header )

LJ Icons:
[01] Rome
[06] Robin Hood: Men in Tights (only two of these are new to my flist)
[07] Down With Love
lj icons )

I don't think another graphics post is very likely to happen before next week, as I'll be at the Scottish Highlands Festival in Estes Park this weekend dressed as a Roman (the Legion will be up there, and I will be joining them).

Comments are shiny! :D

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.
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The calendars for September 2007 have been generated and posted at the 'Realm. They are previewed below.

All calendars are 800 x 600 PNGs. If you'd like a different size or file format, comment this post.

This month we have:
[01] Lord of the Rings (Bilbo & Frodo)
[01] Jack of All Trades (Jack & Em)
[01] Xena: Warrior Princess (Eve)
[01] Egypt
[02] Fine Art

Cut to save your flist )

There should be an update to the Wallpapers later this weekend (probably tomorrow night) with a few more of the old and new calendar images available without the calendars, and a few other new images thrown in for good measure.
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24 LJ Icons have been made and uploaded to the 'Realm. I also have one large texture and three PSP tutorials. All of the LJ Icons except for the Evil Overlord ones are also available at the 'Realm. The Evil Overlord icons are part of a request for [ profile] knightmare_shad that I'm not quite finished with. The other icons were made to test out the PSP tutorial.

PSP Tutorials (should be translatible to other programs):
Aqua Colouring
Cropping Images
Resizing Images

LJ Icons:
[01] Highlander
[03] Harry Potter
[05] Hercules & Xena
[05] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[06] ROAR
[04] Evil Overlord
lj icons )

PSP Texture:

All of the graphics have been cross-posted to [ profile] muses_creations.
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I've had very little time to do research and little to no patience for typing this week, so all I have in the way of updates this week are LJ Icons and Wallpapers.

LJ Icons:
[02] Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
[20] 1776
New LJ Icons This Way... )

[01] Young Hercules
[03] Xena: Warrior Princess
[03] Harry Potter (Philosopher's Stone)
New Wallpapers This Way... )

This has been cross-posted to the [ profile] muses_creations graphics community, and will be pimped to other communities tomorrow.
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Many, many updates this time! I've been busy, so I haven't had as much time for updating as I thought I would or as I would have liked. C'est la vie.

In the Roman section there is a new page about the Roman Calendar. The festivals page, the seven hills page, the writers page, and the terms page have had updates and tweeks done to them.

The Deities section has had some updating and tweeking, particularly in the Roman and Creatures areas. Speaking of which...I've created a community for mythological creatures in fandom. I haven't done much with it yet, but if you are interested in helping me (and [ profile] pknight) out by becoming a moderator or watching it, I'd love to have you!

And finally, the Creations section has been updated. There is a new header, a new friends only banner, new LJ icons, a new PSP tutorial, a new PSP brush, and a new PSP tube. The header, friends only banner, and one LJ icon match, btw.

[01] Xena: Warrior Princess

Friends Only Banner:
[01] Xena: Warrior Princess

LJ Icons:
[01] Phil Ochs
[01] DueSouth
[01] Firefly
[01] Stargate: Atlantis
[03] Disney
[25] Xena: Warrior Princess
Cut For Size )

PSP Tutorial:

PSP Brush:

PSP Tube:
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The December 2006 Calendars are now available at the 'Realm.

All Calendars are 800x600, and are .PNG in format. Comment if you'd like to see a different file size or type, or if you'd like the image without the calendar.

Click on the previews below to see the full-sized versions.

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October's Calendars are now available at the 'Realm and below:

I also have a few (like, six or seven) new deities ready to add to the deities section, but they will not go up until I have a few more ready to go up.

**EDIT** I fixed the broken link for one of the calendars. Sorry about that!
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Happy Independence Day, for those of you who celebrate it!

Boy, do I have an update for you. There are new Wallpapers, LJ Icons, a Mood Theme, a Header, and a Collage. All are under the cut, so here's a short list of what's new:

[01] Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
[01] Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
[01] Monty Python and the Holy Grail
[02] Stargate Atlantis
[03] Fine Art

LJ Icons:
[01] Miscellaneous Movie (Casablanca)
[01] USA Flag
[02] Medieval Art
[08] Fine Art
[16] Josie and the Pussycats

Mood Theme:
[01] Josie and the Pussycats

[01] dueSouth

[01] Xena

Newness Under Here )

And if you're on my Friends List you should look for two somethings new in the next post.

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Yep, there is a lot of new stuff available from the 'Realm: 2 Friends Only Banners, 7 LJ Icons, 2 Headers, and 1 Background in 4 fandomw (Buffy, Xena, Little Mermaid, and Princess Bride). You'll notice that the Banners and Headers match. I planned it that way in the hopes of one day creating an LJ template or two (or maybe a DiaryLand template). Comments will encourage me to make this happen sooner. ;-)

Because there is so much, it is hiding behind a cut:

and here that cut is )
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The February 2006 desktop calendars are now available.

Feel free to use and share! If you want one of the expired calendars available for February (or March, or April, or...) just comment or email me.

You can view the full-sized version by clicking on its preview below:

I haven't forgotten about y'all. I got called in to sub yesterday and today, and I think I'll be subbing at my school tomorrow (long story). I'm also thinking of joining [ profile] icons100 and making 100 Monty Python and the Holy Grail icons. I have 14 done, and want to have at least 25 before I join so I know for sure I can get them done within the contest time.
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23 New Icons have been made and uploaded to the 'Realm. The newest ones are behind the cut, and are also available (with the older ones) from the LJ Icons page here.

The Breakdown:
[1] Xena: Warrior Princess
[4] Princess Bride
[8] dueSouth
[10] Highlander

Click Me to See Them )

This may well be my last post of the year. [ profile] leopardeternal is coming to visit me for a week starting Saturday, and I'll be busy getting ready for him, as well as dog sitting for my neighbors and taking Grandma out for her birthday on Saturday. So, in case I don't get another chance: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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It's snowing!! Rather than go out shopping in the snow I decided to make LJ Icons. There are 21 new ones in 4 fandoms (I'm a little more focused than I was last night). I'm going to try and get January's calendar wallpapers made tonight as well, and maybe work on the Hercules episode guides. Oh! And update the Greece section if I can manage to find all of my research.

Here's the breakdown of the icons you'll find beneath the cut:
[7] Princess Bride
[4] Josie and the Pussycats
[5] Rainbow Brite
[5] Hercules/Xena

The new icons are hiding here )
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I have 14 new Hercules/Xena/Young Hercules LJ Icons available beneath the cut. Feel free to use the textless ones as bases, but please credit if you use. Comments are also appreciated, though not necessary.

The break down:
[1] Iolaus
[1] Velasca
[2] Strife
[2] Young Hercules
[4] Joxer
[4] Salmoneus

New Icony Goodness )

You can find the older ones at my website.


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